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The Crystalline Council through Jaap van Etten

We are the Crystalline Council. We are grateful to have the opportunity to share with you. We have played a role in the development of human consciousness on Earth from the beginning. We define “the beginning” as the time that you call the first world. In that time, the Founders, the first souls that came to Earth, invited us to contribute to the process on Earth that would lead to ascension.

Twelve Star Systems with Crystalline Beings
     Mother Earth is a crystalline being. That is true for all planets throughout the universe. Currently, you do not understand the energies connected to these beautiful beings. Most people are not even aware that the Earth is a crystalline being even though they take stones and crystals out of her body. The focus on specific crystals and stones makes people lose the ability to understand the whole – the crystalline energies of the planet as a whole.
     The Founders came to Earth by invitation of Gaia, the consciousness of the planet. Gaia invited them to become co-creators and help her in the next step of her evolution: ascension. When the Founders realized that their vibration was much higher than that of the physical Earth, they knew that the first phase was the descent in vibration to become part of the physical system of the Earth. Only by descending into the physical vibration could they fulfill the agreement with Gaia.
     The Founders realized that, due to the process of descent in consciousness and vibration, people would forget who they are. They were aware that it was essential to making sure that information would not be lost so that people could use it again once they were ready for it. The most optimal way to store information throughout time is in crystals, particularly in quartz crystals. Within this part of the universe, certain beings specialize in working with crystalline energies and the use of them to store information. These beings reside on twelve major star systems. We are the representatives of these twelve star systems; we are the Crystalline Council.
     The Founders invited us to help them to store information during different phases of the descent in consciousness. They also asked us to support people to maintain a connection with crystalline energies. Therefore, we have always approached people who are open to crystalline energies and encouraged them to connect and develop that connection. We have done this for millions of years. While we were well known during most of these times, in your world, people lost contact with us. But that is changing.

The Twelve Star Systems
     Before we go into more detail about the work we do, we like to share more about the twelve star systems from which we originate. Because there is some knowledge, our job to do so is not that difficult.
     In your world (we will come back to the subject of the four worlds) the crystalline information system is the crystal skulls. Even though crystal skulls are increasingly popular, their function is not well understood. While they have many qualities, their principal purpose is to hold information. We helped those that still could communicate with us to create twelve crystal skulls and charge them with information that could help people in your fourth world develop their potential.
     We like to emphasize that this information is specific for people of the fourth world. Some people have an awareness about this information. These twelve crystal skulls are currently not available; your world is not ready for them. Bu the information is also available in a field. Every crystal skull can give access to that field, depending on its level of activation. It might be clear that the crystal skulls you call the ancient ones are not the original ones.
     We have given the information about who we are to many people, but most cannot translate that information into awareness. The names of the twelve star systems from which we originate, and from which the support for crystalline energies and information came is described in two books on crystal skulls (1). While the names specified in these books are correct, we did not provide the information for the twelve original skulls. That information comes from the human morphogenetic system. This information was brought in by the Founders and expanded over time with souls from new star systems incarnating on this planet. Together with those humans whose task it was, we created the crystalline information of the fourth world in the crystal skulls.
     Image 1 shows the names of the twelve star systems from which we came. At least six of these names are familiar because these are mentioned by many indigenous tribes as the star systems where their ancestors originated. While this is correct, the ancestors they refer to are different from us, even though we came from the same star system. Each star system can have races that differ considerably from each other.


     While it might seem that we were only present during the fourth world, that is incorrect. The Founders invited us at the beginning of the human journey. We have supported the creation of a crystalline information system in all four worlds.

The Crystalline Information System in the Four Worlds
     When the Founders asked us to come to Earth to support them and the humans of the future worlds, we agreed and came to Earth. All souls who come to Earth will have a portal to the star systems from which they originated. That allows the soul to always have a connection to their place of origin. The same is true for us. We came through portals, and these portals are the connection to the planets in the star systems from which we originated.
     Image 2 shows the locations of these portals. This map is different from the map published in the crystal skull book (2) because the site that brings the energies of the twelve portals together shifted from the south of France to Sedona. We induced this shift for a variety of reasons. First, the crystal skull activities in the Sedona area currently are the strongest on the planet. Second, we wanted to shift the center to the Sedona area to bring the crystalline energies of all four worlds into the same area.
     Before we look at the other three systems, we’d like to mention an important aspect. In image 2, you see twelve numbers. These twelve numbers refer to the twelve chakras. Each of our planets of origin has a portal connected to one of the twelve Earth chakras.

     You might begin to understand that these twelve portals do not restrict to the crystal skulls; they existed from the beginning of our entrance into the Gaia system. But only in the fourth world, we guided the creators of the twelve original crystal skulls to link them to the portals of origin. It helps you in your world to remember what was not yet forgotten in the other three worlds.
     The four worlds connect with different frequencies of human consciousness (image 3).

     The first world, dominated by the elemental power of fire, approached the world purely from high consciousness. During its existence, we cocreated with the human souls from that world the first twelve crystals containing the essential information of that world. We used the same principle as with the portals to our worlds. Each crystal was placed at a vortex of one of the twelve chakras (image 4).

     The dominating elemental power of the second world was water. In that world, people create instantly through their thoughts. Also, with the people of that world, we created a crystalline information system that we based on the same principle of twelve crystals located on the twelve chakras.
     Finally, the third world, dominated by the elemental power of air, had the approach mind over matter. Their crystalline information system also consists of twelve crystals located on the twelve chakra vortexes.

Crystalline Information Systems
     All four worlds have similar systems of crystalline information. They all are based on the number twelve and a connection to the twelve chakras. To access these systems, you need to align your consciousness with the consciousness used during the creation of the information systems. Also, your chakras need to function at the vibration of the chakra system of the world of which you want to access the crystalline information.
     While some people may be able to access aspects of the information in the crystalline systems of the other three worlds, almost all humans of your world will focus on the crystalline system of the fourth world, the crystal skulls. Many people work with crystals and crystal skulls and use them to meditate or to heal. These are great ways to work with these excellent tools. But the critical element is to learn to go to higher vibrations to access information stored in the crystal skulls and other crystalline information systems. We created these systems to support you as optimally as possible, but in a free will reality, you need to choose to connect with these systems.
     When you learn to activate the potential of crystal skulls, the frequencies will increase. For those of you who can see beyond the physical, you will see the number of layers around the crystal skull increase. When that happens, your vibration will also increase, which will allow you to awaken even more of the potential of the crystal skull. In that way, an expansion will happen. This process will take time. We invite you to start this process, and if you already have, we encourage you to continue to expand the frequencies.

     The goal is to increasingly access the information connected to the crystal skulls. Every crystal skull, if activated enough, can give access to the crystal-skull-information field. However, we built a kind of fail-safe in the system. You need to reach a specific frequency level to get access to this field. Training is essential to reach that level, and you can only reach it if you come from a place of love and respect. We have seen in the past that the power of crystals was misused. We see in your world a lot of egos that become amplified by crystals and crystal skulls. Only when you come from your heart can you access the information in the crystal skulls that is for the highest good of this planet.
     In this sharing, we focus on your journey to access information from the crystal skulls, the crystalline information system of the fourth world. But the crystalline information systems of the four worlds align with each other. Once you have access to the information connected with the crystal skulls, other doors can open.
     We mentioned that if you want to reach the frequencies that give access to the information in the crystal skulls, training is essential. We have asked the channel to develop such training (3). We hope that through our guidance through the training, we can reach many of you. Working with higher crystalline frequencies helps you in your personal development, and helps to access information needed for human evolution and that of this planet. It also helps to restore the damaged crystalline grids of the Earth. This restoration is a significant aspect of the training.
     Without a balanced crystalline grid, it is difficult to access the information in the crystal skulls. We trust the training will help many of you to access those energies that will support you in fulfilling your soul purpose.

1. Jaap van Etten, Crystal Skulls, Interacting with a Phenomenon, Flagstaff, AZ: Light Technology Publishing, 2007, 123-166; and Crystal Skulls, Expand Your Consciousness, Flagstaff, AZ: Light Technology Publishing, 2013, 137-162, and 205-213.
2. Crystal Skulls, Interacting with a Phenomenon, opus cited, p 127
3. For more information:

Image 1 The twelve star systems connected with the crystal skulls and their elemental powers.

Image 2 The location of the portals to the twelve star-nations and the chakras they connect with.

Image 3 The levels of human consciousness and their connection with the four worlds.

Image 4 Location of the twelve crystals of the first world and the chakras they connect with.

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