The Universal Center for Metaphysical Ecology is collaborating with Lemurantis which has spent more than 25 years researching and teaching about the energies of crystals and crystal skulls. These studies focused on awakening the potential of crystals and stones, which is called activation. Some of the work was published in the book Crystal Skulls, Expand Your Consciousness (for more information click on the following link Since its publication we have learned more about activation, offering new understandings which have been incorporated into the foundational training required for the Crystalline Movement.

We have created and presented different ways and levels of activation over the years through a number of workshops. These workshops have been a valuable source of information, garnering new insights. In summary, we discovered that to restore the five first frequencies (levels) of the Crystalline Grid, a certain level of activation of the crystals, stones, or crystal skulls was needed. During our weekly meditations, we noted that initially, we did not reach these levels. Only after many years of experience, we started to reach levels that were sufficiently high in frequency and powerful enough to start the restoration.

If the Crystalline Movement is to be successful, we realized that fundamental training is essential so that consistent, stable results could be created. We have, therefore, developed a training program for those who are interested in contributing to the Crystalline Movement. This program will establish a baseline of knowledge so that those participating can become true stewards of the grids, helping support and maintain their initial and ongoing balance.

Motivation and Commitment

Based on our experience, it is essential that those contributing to the restoration of the crystalline grid be committed. Becoming a steward or caretaker of the grids is not a casual relationship but one that can bring about incredible benefit to the Earth and those individuals guided to support their own growth and evolution through their participation. Motivation to contribute to helping lay a foundation that is essential for overall health, the basis for spiritual development, and the foundation for the evolution of the Gaia system is important. 

Membership in the Crystalline Movement

If you feel guided to become a steward of the crystalline grids and part of the Crystalline community, then the next step is membership in the Crystalline Movement. Membership is the first step in “commitment” as it includes an 8 part online training program designed to help you learn more about the grids and how to  go to the higher crystalline frequencies in order to contribute to the restoration of the Crystalline Grids. Membership also includes participation in our weekly one hour information and discussion sessions which will answer questions, share progress, stimulate each other and help us realize that we are not alone in this mission. You will also receive regular updates regarding research, articles, videos and other pertinent information.

Membership in the Crystalline Movement which includes the 8 part online training program is a one time energy exchange of $49.90US.

The Crystalline Community

The Crystalline Movement is a community of individuals dedicated to the inter-connectedness and inter-relationship of all energies both seen and unseen. It is a forum for a worldwide movement striving to live in balance and harmony with all things of the Earth. Membership in the Crystalline Movement also provides access to the movements Facebook page and group where you can share experiences and establish dialogues with others throughout the World. It is also a way to connect with others in your neighborhood, town, or city to start collaborations. When you work together, you can create more powerful fields. Collaboration is more than one plus one is two. The effects are exponential. In this way, we can build a community of collaborating people.

Every month, we will have a collective activation, in which all members can, and hopefully will participate to create a powerful field to support the process. With an increase in the number of members, the effect will become increasingly influential.

How to Join the Crystalline Movement

Your membership includes the online training course, weekly discussion and update sessions, monthly participation in worldwide activation's, membership in the online Crystalline Community along with regular updates of new research, articles and videos.

Becoming a member in The Crystalline Movement is easy; when you click on the Buy Now button below,you will be redirected to our PayPal site where you will complete your onetime payment transaction of $49.90 US. Upon completion you will receive a link from PayPal to the online course where you will be given instructions on how to access and complete the course. Please look at the return email you receive from PayPal acknowledging your purchase as it contains the link to the course.

By clicking on the Buy Now button you will also acknowledge that The Crystalline Movement reserves the right to deny membership to anyone and/or cancel a membership. You are also agreeing to not use your membership to promote products and services not affiliated with The Crystalline Movement or the Universal Center for Metaphysical Ecology. 

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