We started the Crystalline Movement and its associated work in September 2020. As we have more important work ahead of us, we created phases to emphasize our efforts. Phase I is where we focus on crystalline energies to help bring our world, the fourth world, to the most optimal state. As mentioned in the "Larger Perspective," a good functioning fourth world is essential to create a solid foundation for creating a new world, the fifth world.

The Place of Crystalline Energies in the Information System of Gaia

To understand the crystalline energies' role and our function in this world, we need to make a few explanatory notes. The image (Image 1) summarizes these notes.

The information of the full potential of Mother Earth and all that lives on her is available in a field that we call the Morphogenetic field. That field has 12 subfields, of which the 11th and 12th are most relevant for the Crystalline Movement. The 12th subfield is that of the crystalline energies. That means that the crystalline energies support all other 11 subfields. The 11th subfield is that of the co-creators, and that is us. That means that we are supposed to support all other ten subfields, including all life on Earth.  Unfortunately, we are not doing a very good job at the moment. Step one was that we worked with crystalline energies in the first course and they help us become an optimal co-creator in the fourth world.

Creating a Solid Basis for the New World

To create a factual basis for the New World, we need to develop our skills and bring the crystalline grids of our world into an optimal state. But we also need to work with the people of the other three worlds. The co-creators are all humans in all four worlds and include the Ancient Ones, the elements' caretakers. We need to learn to connect and collaborate. That is the only way we can make the basis for the New World stable enough.

The easiest way to do this is through crystalline energies. In the first course, we worked with 9 of the 12 crystalline grids and the crystalline energies of 6 of the 9 groups of 12 layers. In the second phase, we will include the other three groups of 12 layers, making it possible to work with and create crystalline grid lines of all 12 frequencies. That will also open the door to connect, communicate and collaborate with the people of the other three worlds

Each of the four worlds has its own crystalline system. They all are based on the number 12 with a central crystal. The photo (Image 2) shows the location of the central crystal of the First World.

Not for Everyone

The most crucial aspect of all the efforts we put in is to followthe guidance from the heart. For many people, to fulfill their purpose, even the first course is more than needed. That has nothing to do with importance. Following the heart is the only important thing to do. That is even more so for the second phase. Mother Earth wants this second course to be available so that those who are ready will have the support to continue their development. Members will receive information on how to access the second course when they feel ready.

Image 1 Overview Morphogenetic System of Gaia

     Image 1 Overview Morphogenetic System of Gaia

Image 2 Picture of the location of the central crystal of the crystalline information system of the first world.

Image 2 Picture of the location of the central crystal of the crystalline information system of the first world.


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