In just a few months we have become a Global Conscious Community with over 150 members from 126 cities located in 13 countries!

Results of the impact on the Crystalline grids of local member activities; new grid lines have been restored and are now visible:

Denmark: Based on the conscious work of the members in Denmark these grid lines have been restored and can now be measured and mapped.

Netherlands: Based on the conscious work of the members in the Netherlands these grid lines have been restored and can now be measured and mapped.

Please check out the following YouTube video as it helps understand the importance of the Crystalline grids and the success so far of the Crystalline Movement:

Results of the impact of being a member of The Crystalline Movement; here is a sample of what members have to say:

“I really love being part of a wonderful community of like-minded people and working together as one with and for Gaia…I learned that I am not alone in this and the weekly zoom gatherings strengthens my connection to the group.  I have no doubt that my efforts and contributions have made a difference. The field is a wonderful place to be in and worth it in itself. I have learned so much from the training, the zoom meetings and the group.  Being part of The Crystalline Movement is an amazing opportunity to deepen one’s understanding with crystals and to be a service to humanity and to Gaia.”
A. L, Ottawa, Canada

“Being part of the crystalline movement is versatile. We discover, work, and learn together how we can support the crystalline energies. I met so many new friendly people who feel the same. It is also a personal growth path. I’ve learned how to use crystals and stones to balance my system with the frequencies of the crystalline grid. There is more focus, creating a more intense connection with subtle earth energies, sacred places and other (energy) beings. I have contributed with great pleasure, amazement, and have experienced beautiful moments. I look forward to what the Crystalline movement will mean in the awakening of our beautiful mother earth in the nearby future.” K T., Killarney, Ireland

"The Crystalline Movement is a stunningly big idea made real through the training and practical efforts of individuals who care about the Earth.  There are many things to love about being a member of the Crystalline Movement: the supportive community; the wealth of information available in the course; Jaap's gentle guidance and his emphasis on trusting one's own intuition and experience, as well as valuing each individual's unique abilities; the great opportunities for personal growth and collaboration; and, finally, the ability and opportunity to make a positive difference for oneself, the Earth, and all of us that support and depend on her."  C. H., Phoenix, Arizona USA

"I learned that I am the catalyst that makes things happen as nothing can happen unless we set the energy into motion through the conscious setting of our intention.  Speaking to and addressing the grids brought another dimension of connection along as it allowed me to become one with the energy grids instead of experiencing the feeling of being separate from it all.  All my senses kicked in and I could literally at times sense, feel and touch the energy which is a beautiful experience. 

The information in the course material together with the weekly sessions allowed me to play with the different energies. The constructive feedback and challenges of other members brought another beautiful dimension to the training sessions.  Collectively we can achieve so much more, the course material of the CM has divinely set into motion the next step of my soul’s journey." J. S., London, England UK

"I love being part of the Crystalline Movement – and feel grateful that you are doing this important work of connecting us, so we are able to do something for our Mother. I understand that personally I am only at the beginning of a journey – I always felt drawn to crystals, but never found a way to really work with them. The path you have shown; this framework to work within, was just what I needed...I am very grateful that you are always emphasizing that we are all unique and contributing in our own way – this is good for someone like me, who is always thinking that everybody else is doing everything better than me, are more skilled." I. A. Aarhus, Denmark

"Being a member of the crystalline movement, I became much more aware of the energy system of mother earth and how she is functioning and above all, how we as humans are functioning within her system (actually being part of it). Besides that, I got to know some wonderful people in my area with whom I can relate to and we can practice what we learn in the course together. This way we can contribute together to the restoration of the crystalline energies." L. E., Leiden, Netherlands

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