For the Crystalline Movement to be successful, we need people that are willing to prepare themselves, can activate at a sufficiently high level, and know how to create a place that holds the energies long enough for the creation of a field that will restore the crystalline grid levels 1 to 5. While many people are capable of this it does require a certain level of preparation and training.  To accomplish this training we have developed an online training course so that it can be accessed anywhere to help bring balance to the worldwide imbalance of crystalline grids.

Besides training to restore the crystalline grids, this course also includes training to rebalance the basic grids. There is a belief by some  that these grids are actually harmful, causing geopathic stress because they are out of balance for the same reasons the crystalline grid disappeared. We can balance these grids once we restore the crystalline grids.

Your conscious commitment to this movement will not only benefit Mother Earth and all that she supports but will also provide you with invaluable knowledge and experience about crystalline energies, how the grids work and how to elevate your personal connection to the planet. Your time commitment is minimal after the initial training and after you have sufficiently mastered the activation of the crystalline energies. 

As the number of members builds over time so does the impact on the Earth, inviting the possibility for significant worldwide energetic shifts, creating an environment that supports all instead of throwing life out of balance.
The online course contains the following lessons:

Lesson 1 Introduction

Lesson 2 The Crystalline Grids

Lesson 3 The Three Basic Grids

Lesson 4 Activation

Lesson 5 Activation First Three Groups of Twelve Layers

Lesson 6 Activation Second Three Groups of Twelve Layers

Lesson 7 Balancing the Basic Three Grids

Lesson 8 The Crystalline Movement

The first four lessons provide background information and show that activating crystals and crystal skulls create fields that restore levels 1 to 5 of the crystalline grid. Lessons 5 and 6 train you in activating crystals in different steps, while Lesson 7 guides you into the re-balancing of the three basic grids and Lesson 8 integrates the whole into the Crystalline Movement. 

While you can go through each lesson in less than two hours, it is not about going through as fast as possible. Then, you will miss the point. The course is about training your system to activate to higher frequencies and contribute to restoring the crystalline grids, and re-balancing the Basic Grids. That takes time, in the same way that training to play tennis takes time. It is important to realize that before making a commitment.

Bonus Lessons
In a later phase, we added a Bonus to help you integrate your achievements in the eight lessons. We also added Lesson 9, “Expanding the Crystalline Grid System and Your Ability to Activate.” Finally, we added a second Bonus, “Connecting with the Crystalline Morphogenetic System,” which allows you to connect with those aspects of the Crystalline morphogenetic system that are optimal for you to fulfill your purpose in this incarnation.

Membership in the Crystalline Movement is a one time energy exchange of $49.90 US. This includes the online training course, weekly discussion and update sessions, monthly participation in worldwide activation's, membership in the online Crystalline Community along with regular updates of new research, articles and videos.

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