Our work with the crystalline grids and the creation of the crystalline movement are all part of a much larger concept called Metaphysical Ecology (ME). Metaphysical Ecology studies the interactions between all that is visible and measurable, and that which is invisible and cannot be measured (subtle energies). We feel it is the only way to understand the Gaia system, the system in which we live. The following websites provide more information about Metaphysical Ecology and

We believe, like many indigenous people and those studying the Kabbalah, that there are four worlds. We are living in the fourth world. These four worlds still exist, within them we have subtle energy relatives we know as the Sidhe and the Inner Earth People. We’ve learned through our research that it is important for us to connect with them as our collaborations with them are necessary for the conscious growth and evolution of the Gaia system. We are currently living in the period of transition from the fourth to the fifth world. We need each of these four worlds to create the fifth, the new world. The best way to explain the importance of the functioning of the four worlds is through a pyramid. Each of the four sides of the basis of the pyramid represents one of the four worlds. We can only create a stable new, fifth world when the foundation is solid which requires that the crystalline grids are in balance. 


Each world uses a part of the potential of the Gaia system. The morphogenetic field is the holder of this potential. To express the information of the morphogenetic field into the Gaia system, we need a functional crystalline grid. The quality of this grid determines the success of the expression of new elements to create a new world. This makes the work of the Crystalline Movement critically  important. Without it, we are stuck, and the evolutionary process will be very slow, if at all. 

The mission of the Crystalline Movement is to share this information throughout the World so that those who feel an alignment or a calling will understand the critical importance of this mission and make a conscious choice to become stewards of the grids and consequently the evolution of the Gaia system. 


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