Do you like crystals or crystal skulls? They are wonderful to meditate with, to use for healing, and they also are very beautiful. But did you know that they are the key to change the way we collectively function?  That they help us restore and balance Earth energies, and thus the balance in us? Did you know that they are the key to proper grounding?

Mother Earth is a crystalline being that provides the energetic foundation for all living beings. The energies of her physical system, all the stones, and crystals that exist on Earth, are held in a grid that we call the crystalline grid. It reflects the physical health of Mother Earth, and thus how well Mother Earth can support all that lives on her. Also, the crystalline grid forms the foundation of the proper functioning of all other Earth energy grids.

 The crystalline grid holds twelve different frequencies. Of these, the first five are very important, because their condition determines the support Mother Earth can give to all that lives on her. Without the proper functioning of these first five levels, none of the species that live on Earth can express their full potential. That includes human beings. Without these first five frequency levels of the crystalline grid, we will not feel safe, grounded, and feel part of the Earth community (It makes us feel separated).

Crystalline Grids are Disappearing

The Crystalline grid reacts to human activities. It is especially sensitive to artificial electromagnetic energies and the energies of fear and worries. These energies break down the grid levels one to five. Consequently, the Crystalline Grid disappears in the areas of human settlement, especially in towns and cities. This breakdown affects the grounding of humans and makes them even more susceptible to fears and worries. It also throws the three Basic Grids out of balance, amplifying the problem.

The Basic Grids

While the crystalline grid interacts with our physical system, the thee basic grids, which are called the Hartmann, Curry, and Benker grids, interact with our emotional system. When these grids are in balance, it helps us to stay in a balanced emotional state. However, when they are out-of-balance, they amplify our emotional state, especially fears and worries. That can even lead to sickness and death.

When the first five levels of the crystalline grid are gone, these three grids are out of balance. It creates increasing stress on our physical body and mind.

The need to restore the Crystalline Grid and balance the Basic Grids

If we want to create a healthy environment, there are many things we need to change. However, without a restoration of the Crystalline Grid in towns and cities, it will be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to create a supportive environment. It also is unlikely to develop stable, balanced Basic grids.

We have learned that working with specific frequencies of crystals and crystal skulls and crystals will make it possible to restore the crystalline frequencies of the levels one to five. However, that requires people who are willing to contribute their energies to supporting this restoration. It requires the Crystalline Movement. Once the crystalline grid is functional again, we can also balance the basic grids. That way, we create an environment that supports the expression of our potential in this world.

The Crystalline Movement

The Crystalline Movement is an initiative of the Universal Center of Metaphysical Ecology (UCME) through two participating organizations, Lemurantis and Metaphysical Ecology, to restore the Crystalline Grid and re-balance the Basic Grids in the world. We call it the crystalline movement because we need to set a lot of crystalline energies in motion to restore the first five crystalline grid frequencies. Ultimately, we need to do this in every town and city. Therefore, we started this movement. Every step is worthwhile, and there are millions of people who love to work with stones, crystals or crystal skulls and can contribute. However, we have learned that to be a valid contributor to the movement, you need specific requirements. We outline them on the next page Training and Membership.


If you'd like more information please watch the following video from The Crystalline Movement co-founder Jaap van Etten that provides an overview and an  important perspective on how critical this movement is for our World now!

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